Hotel Cannero

On the shore of Lake Maggiore, with a splendid panoramic view of the Castles of Cannero, lies Cannero Riviera, a lakeside resort with a mild climate, where our Hotel il located.

Its roots are very old and date back to the mid19th century, when the old monastery on the shore of Lake Maggiore, was partly converted into a hotel, under the name of “Tre re”. In 1902, the structure was taken over by Carolina and Giovanni Gallinotto, who changed its name to Hotel Cannero.

Now it is Maria Carla who, together with her family, Samuele, Annalisa, Felice e Alfredo, continues the development by completing the restoration of old “Casa Della Posta”, next to the Hotel, in 2001.
It is a historic building dating back to the early 18th century, formerly belonging to the local noble family of the Barons of Sant’ Agabio, and is now an integral part of the Hotel Cannero.