Territory and Activities

We are in Italy, in the North of the Piedmont Region, in Upper Verbano in Italy and a few kilometers from Switzerland (about 8 km from the Italy-Switzerland border).

In front of us stands Lake Maggiore and behind us the mountain range of the Alps.

The lake guarantees us mild winters and pleasant summers, warms us in winter and cools us in summer, while the mountains protect us from cold currents in winter and release fresh breezes in summer.

These natural elements are the architects of our mild climate which allows the development of a rich and almost Mediterranean flora: the Cannero gardens are famous for the plants native to China such as Camellias and Azaleas, but also for the orange, lemon and other trees citrus fruits or the grandiflora magnolias that perfume our avenues. The woods that surround us are rich in chestnut, beech, oak and larch trees.

Our main activities and those of our guests are linked to this climate and the characteristics of the territory: